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Robin’s goal is to increase the client’s ability to replace distortions in thinking and unhealthy defenses with healthier and more productive ones. Robin offers individual, couples, family and group therapy on an outpatient level. Services are provided in person or via telephone and/or Skype in order to provide a continuum of care.


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Robin is committed to assisting people struggling with the impacts of addictive disorders on their lives. By educating and teaching healthier methods of coping and breaking destructive patterns that have established over time, clients will attain long term success. Treatment is unique, as the approach to achieving wellness is based on the efforts of the entire family systems’ involvement. Their willingness to make necessary changes will produce positive and long-term results.


Individual therapy focuses on primarily assisting clients with reaching their recovery goals. Clients learn to identify their distortions in thinking, defense structure and healthy and unhealthy patterns of behavior. Clients focus on learning concepts of accountability, responsibility and consistency that aid in long terms recovery. They learn to increase their awareness and understanding of how their behavior impacts the entire family system so they can make positive changes.


Family therapy focuses on systems and understanding that every individual in the system contributes to it at times in both a positive and negative capacity. The goals of family system therapy are to increase awareness into family patterns and learn healthier ways to cope and communicate within the system. Family of origin issues and relationship issues are primary focus of family therapy.


Couples therapy focuses on increasing awareness into the problematic relationship patterns and struggles with communication that contribute to stress and discord. Couples are expected to present individual as well as relationship goals. Treatment planning focuses on assisting couples with learning healthier methods of working together as a unit while understanding how individual struggles impact the relationship.

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Robin is available to provide free initial consultation by phone to assess appropriateness of treatment for all clients. Additionally, Robin consults with sober-living environments and treatment centers on both clinical and program matters. She consults in the development of new treatment programs around the state of Florida.


Group therapy has been identified as one of the most effective forms of therapy for individuals and families struggling with the impacts of addiction. Groups are small and voluntary. Group therapy focuses on process and discussion of feelings and situations that are relatable to others. Constructive feedback is provided by both other group members as well as by the facilitator.


Robin is licensed by the state of Florida to provide master's level supervision for social workers seeking licensure in the state. Both group and individual supervision is provided. Supervision is an important instrument for beginning practice. Robin is able to provide supervision according to state standards and is passionate about teaching and coaching new social workers. Contact Robin for supervision rates.

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